Wedding Cake Ideas | Fondant Wedding Cake | Four Tier Wedding Cake | White Wedding Cake With Golden Branches And Red Blossoms Flowers

This one was my very first "big project" a long time dream of mine that came true a month ago! A wedding cake finally :)

I was baking birthday cakes and it was a regular routine and all of a sudden I got a call from an old friend of mine, asking me to make a wedding cake for her cousins. I was very much excited but I had very little time, still i wanted to take it up, it was something that I wanted so much and how could I turn it down? Also never loose a chance someone said! The people who gave me this opportunity were so friendly and warm, that it made my work so easy! 

So, after a little discussion, browsing over the internet for references and sharing a few pictures, the client went for the design that was similar to the one below. It had a beautiful golden branch with red blossom flowers. They wanted a four tier cake and I was a lil scared as it was my first big project, but I was confident enough too. Though I had to handle so much single handed, the planning, collecting things, the preparations, the flowers everything was a fresh experience to me. I learnt so much :)

It all ended up in a positive note, the couple loved their wedding cake and appreciated my work with a contented heart. I am so filled with gratitude as they gave me a chance to help my dream come true,. Also they did help me overcome my fear of building a 4 tier cake and prove myself! Though it was going to be my first wedding cake they trusted me so much which boosted me enough to produce the best for the lovely pair. 

This was one of my most favorite cakes, my best attempt I'd say :)