Baker & Author

Hello there! I'm Divya a food blogger, blogging for the past three years at You Too Can Cook. I have dived into a new venture, yup you got it right "Baking" obviously and I have created this new space to share about my work. I am not a professional baker but a self learned home baker who puts in lot of effort and care into the cakes I create. Soon I will be posting some tutorials too about fondant cakes, DIY, photographs I click, random ramblings and lot more. There will be more than just cakes in this blog. I have a little girl who is an year old and she keeps me occupied all day and even nights. She was the one who brought a lot of warmth and smiles into my life and this blog will sure have posts about my little one too, not to boast or brag but to share my joy. 

Peace be with you!! Do check out my official cake page FLAVORED to support and stay updated.