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How many of you love Tom and Jerry? Kids and grown ups regardless of age love this duo's show right? I love every bit of it and have never missed even a single toon. It was and is still my favorite cartoon! When a lil boy's mom asked me to make a Tom themed cake for her son's birthday I was excited but equally scared as well, from childhood I have never tried drawing Tom, though drawing and art was my favorite past time. I was a little scared that my Tom would seem like some other character and that I will never get it right. But you have to overcome your fears and face the challenge someday right? So I searched for a Tom drawing on net and tried drawing it on a sheet and got it perfectly on the second attempt. So now I was ready to make a 2d hand cut Tom fondant figurine :D

It took me hours to color, cut, assemble and complete the 2d fondant figure of tom but the end result was fabulous I was so happy as I got it perfectly the in my very first attempt. Like always I left it on counter top to let it air dry overnight. The climate was so lovely and it was raining non-stop with a light a very satisfied heart I left to sleep. And next with so much enthusiasm I went to check the art piece and then knew disaster had hit. Heard about how climate could cause trouble while working with fondant and that was the first time I experienced it. Yes fondant had sweat a lot and turned out to paste and my whole tom figurine had melted away. I tried refrigerating, though I knew it was irreparable. And never refrigerate fondant models in such a case, as once you pop it out of the refrigerator it will sweat even more badly! I was so lost!! But still on a positive note I had a day left to work again. So I started working again with a litte frustration but lot of hope and made another 2 d tom. And to my biggest disappointment this tom ended the same way too! Now I didn't want to waste away my effort and fondant next time. Again I made the fondant figurine and let it dry in an air conditioned room and yes it was much better, it didn't dry much but stayed as it was :) Finally that was the solution!! Work in a temperature controlled room i.e. an AC room!!! 

When the climate turns humid, wet or there non stop showers or rain, work in an air conditioned room. A lesson learnt! 

And as my figurine could not stand on its own (only dried fondant figure will stand obviously) I had to provide a support and used a piece of cardboard to make it stand. You can even use bamboo sticks or ice-cream sticks also. I mixed some fondant in water and used it like a glue to stick the 2d hand-cut figurine to the cardboard piece. Then I stuck it to the top tier with a small piece of fondant.

About the cake it was a two tier cake. The bottom was a dummy and the top tier was a 2 kg chocolate cake. The mother was very specific that she wanted a colorful cake for her prince and so went with the following design. She was so much satisfied and sent me a very positive feedback :) After all the hard work that's all you need :) 

I covered the top tier with dark red fondant and then covered it with multi color stripes. The stripes have to be perfect from top to bottom else there will be too much visible flaws in the cake. The width should be uniform all through. I did have difficult moments while working on this cake as it was still raining. But working in an air conditioned room saved me from a lot of disasters. When working on a dummy make sure to decorate them beforehand so it will save a lot of time at the last moment. 

Will soon post a tutorial about how to make a 2d hand cut fondant figurine. For now do check out the cake pictures.

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  1. Hi Divya, can you pls tel me how do you make the fondant required for all the cakes in different colors?

    1. Hi Sukanya just add gel colors to white fondant and knead well. I will soon make a post about it :)

    2. Hi Divya! thanks for the reply, actually I was asking you about how to make the white fondant itself..but since you are saying you will make a post, will wait for it ;))

    3. Got your query now :) will definitely come up with a post Sukanya :)

    4. Hi Divya, was waiting for your fondant recipe :) my son's bday is coming soon, can u at least email me the white fondant recipe if you don't mind...I want to try it for my sons cake am going to bake...thank you...

  2. You know your projects stand out of the herd. There is something special about them. It seems to me all of them are really brilliant!


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