How To Make A Fondant Train | Stepwise Pictorial | Fondant Train Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Here's how to make a cute little fondant train to use as your cupcake or cake topper just scale the size according to your need. It is so easy and you do not need any specific tools to make this one. 

So here's a pictorial collage to help you make your own fondant train cupcake topper.

  1. Make a log out of any colored fondant! 
  2. Cut it into two. 
  3. Press one with your thumb to make it a little flat. 
  4. It should be longer than the other part. 
  5. Similarly make another smaller log and using a little water glue them together as shown on pic. 
  6. & 7. Roll white fondant or any contrasting colored fondant 
  7. and cut four small wheels using a pen or sketch pen cover. 
  8. Then cut two 2 bigger ones. These will be the train's wheels. 
  9. Prick a small hole in the center of each of them. Set them aside. 
  10. Make a small cone shaped piece with fondant and using a ball tool press on the end gently. This will be the steam engine's blast pipe or the exhaust. 
  11. Cut out a small trapezoid. This piece will be stuck on the front of the engine. (using a knife tool draw some lines over them if you want) 
  12. Cut out another piece of white fondant into a small rectangle to place on top of the engine as shown in pic. (In the pic the rectangle seems too big which I then cut into smaller size as in final pic)
  13. Glue all pieces together with little water. Let it dry overnight. Add some details if you need and tada your cute lil train is now ready!!!
  14. Use them on your cupcakes or cakes :) 

This was my first step-wise tutorial! Hope it was useful to some extent atleast! :)