Minion Cake | Minion Cake & Cupcakes | Minion Fondant Cake

Minions here, minions there, minions everywhere! So it has become a very popular animated character and lately people have been in love with these yellow buddies. And I wasn't an exception, I was so longing to try the minion cakes sometime and was waiting for a chance to strike. Recently a mother asked me to bake a cake for her kiddo and she gave me full freedom to choose the theme of the cakes. I did not want to force my minion idea on her but sent her a few reference pictures with different themes and asked her to choose something from it. And guess what? She finalized the minion theme :D Happy me! 

I went for a flat style minion cake and it was so much fun to work. Along with the cake there were cupcakes too, which were minion themed as well. The mother kiddo and everyone at the party were so contented. Another desire fulfilled :)