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Roses! Aren't they beautiful!! And trying hands on making roses using fondant is a dream to many. And ever since I started making fondant cakes I've been keenly interested in trying them <3 So here's a compilation of some roses I've made till date, right from my first attempt :) 

So. here's my first attempt!! The No Tool Fondant Rose, my very first attempt! With homemade fondant. Had a lot of flaws but I was soooooo much happy about its outcome!
I can never forget this almost-successful-beginner attempt! The night I tried these remains one among my unforgetabe nights :) No classes not much tutorials but tried to make something that looked a little similar to the roses :)

Frankly this was my second attempt :) I tried the rose bud with gum paste and yes there's a clear difference!!!

Roses on a rainy day :( Fondant and rain together never work out.. It was pouring heavily yet managed to make a few roses! 

Roses for an anniversary cake! 

Rose Buds for a wedding cake :) 

And after a lot of attempts here's one I did recently for a wedding cake! :) One of my favorite work till date! The wedding cake was also a super hit :) 

Practice (and some dedication needed too) makes perfection (almost!)
I still need to work on it...

So, Should I use fondant or gumpaste for flowers???
With fondant, or gumpaste or fondant-gumpaste mix you definitely get good flowers, but with gum paste I find that making thinner petals were easier, had a lot of elasticity and dried a little faster than fondant. But.. I have tried roses with fondant alone too, they come out great. But you need to be extra careful and fondant takes a little extra time to dry. 


  1. After seen ur baking models super fondant cake I like to bake guide me pa should I need any specific oven I have convection 25 litre micro wave oven should I attend ant baking class for perfect cake. i have to make cake for my son's birthday as well as have to do business help me sissy


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