Pink Cake For A Mom | Fondant Blossom Flowers | Fondant Cake With Fondant Flowers | Pink Fondant Flowers

Here are some pics of the pink cake that I made recently for a Mother's birthday. This was my first floral cake and I enjoyed making this one. I wanted to decorate the cake with beautiful pink flowers and browsed the internet for some ideas. I came across so many pretty ones with roses but I didn't want to try roses as I had pictured something else back in my head I guess. So finally after a spin I decided to go with pretty blossom flowers. This was my first try with blossoms and I was so happy to get them beautifully done (almost) in my first few tries. I used gum paste or and fondant in the ratio 1:1. I have tried with just fondant also and did not have any trouble. I am happy with the outcome but I know I have to still perfect my skills a lot. I'm just a home baker not a professional and that explains why there is lack in perfection ;) However, I love this pink little cake creation of mine :) Not bad for a first timer huh? 

It was a one kg two layered butterscotch cake with homemade caramel filling, covered or frosted with milk chocolate ganache.

A picture abundant post it is and sorry about that! I'm never too frugal with pink!

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